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Illumination Experiences

Illumination Experiences operates both online and in-person private retreats with Ignite Retreats. Maurice Thibodeau is the co-creator of the Life Inventory Assessment Tool – LIA and the proud owner of Illumination Experiences.

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Girls Changing the World

Ignite Retreats operates Girls Changing the World as a way to help young females turn their innate emotions into powerful sources of truth. Look for the next workshop at

Festival Community

Ignite Retreats is the proud home of several conscious festival communities with the goal of creating a safe space for communities to gather, connect and transform.

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Programs with Ignite Retreats

Business Programs

Ignite Retreats offers custom Business Programs. With a focus on heart-based leadership, our business programs can help you become a stronger leader while providing strategic direction towards the future. With over two decades of experience serving Fortune 500 companies and running their own businesses, Tracy and Maurice work together to provide an integrated approach to moving forward in business.

Couples Programs

The world is made of families and Ignite Retreats has made it a priority to help couples, or life partners, learn how to manage the difficulties and enjoy the adventures together. When the fort is secure, individuals can focus on other areas of adventure together.

Personal Programs

Ignite Retreats offers custom Personal Programs. From silent retreats to facilitated addictions coaching, Ignite Retreats program can be customized to help you move beyond today’s obstacles. If you are interested in a custom program, reach out directly to

Transition Programs

When your life takes a turn, whether a new career, a growing family or other life change, it helps to have an experienced person walk you through the possibilities.

If you are interested in learning more about one of our custom programs, email, or call Maurice at 204-619-4533 to schedule a free consultation.

About Ignite Retreats

Executive Team/About the Firestarters

Ignite Retreats is the realization of a dream that Maurice and Tracy Thibodeau set out describing over 17 years ago.

Maurice Thibodeau

Through several very early influences, Maurice took on a discovery and belief in the value of living a purposeful life. It started with a variety of personal exercises and led to him becoming a certified Career Passion coach in 2002. With this, he led high school and university students through a Career Passion process that helped them discover what they loved and needed to do in their lives. He has continued to grow and explore this area of development in his personal and professional roles.

Tracy Lee Thibodeau

Throughout her early adult years, Tracy embarked on a self-led journey to understand the workings of the mind. After nearly twenty years of study and practice, Tracy focuses her energy on helping individuals understand how their biology affects their behaviors and the power we have to choose.


In the first year of their marriage, Maurice and Tracy began their own personal Family Retreats. This was a weekend dedicated to reflection, connection, and identification of what it meant to live a purposeful life (corny – yes. Effective – tremendously).

Through these retreats and the continued study and practices from experts on the subject, they came to see the continued successes of their growth. One of their personal and family values is “Inspiration”. What they found was that one of the greatest gifts they could share with people was helping them to uncover the same level of fulfillment in their lives, their relationships, and their families.

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Ignite Retreats is located 40 minutes north of Winnipeg, MB in the Interlake Region of Manitoba.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about our programs reach us with your general inquiries at:

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