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Need Time to Reconnect? Book an Exclusive Couple Weekend at Ignite Retreats

Imagine you and your partner escaping to your own private get away –  just you and your partner – with your own private beach, no kids around and no phone ringing.  Imagine having the time to experience each other, to have those conversations that get put aside while you are prioritizing life’s daily chores.  Imagine how you would feel if you connected again.

Sometimes all it takes is to spend some time reconnecting – but all too often our relationships are left at the bottom of a never ending list of things that are more important. Did you know that the average wait time to do something about a deteriorating relationship is six years?  For six years people will allow themselves and their partners to live a life that they could likely make better if they would just take some time. If you are like the overwhelming majority of couples, you aren’t taking time to stay connected. Ignite is dedicated to helping couples commit to spend time to warm up their connection – whether it’s lightening hot and you don’t want to lose it or it’s dwindling and you’d like to add some kindling.

Couples Capacity coaching is not about solving all the issues you face today, it’s not counselling or psychotherapy.  It’s about helping couples build a capacity to work together, support and understand each other and to build a phenomenal relationship together.  It starts with booking time to get to know yourself and your partner in a way that helps the two of you share your hopes and dreams. Ignite will help you have conversations where you’ll learn how you can better support each other and how you can help create the life you both dream of. We’ll also set you up with some practical tips on the cognitive processes that create challenges for understanding each other.  You’ll spend some time being heard and working through facilitated exercises that will allow you a chance to reconnect.  Are you looking to make it even better?

What are couples saying?

 “I feel like I left with this renewed feeling of hope.  Which is crazy because I never feel that way.  I realize there will always be issues between me and my husband but I usually feel like, that’s just the way things are and neither of us are going to change and so I just have to accept it as is.  Which can be really depressing.  I strongly feel like going forward it’s going to be so much better now because I feel like we’ve really gained some tools and understanding to help us out.  I’m excited.”  First Timer


“Thank you for opening your home this past weekend. Your down to earth, practical approach was just what we needed. you created a safe environment and provided tools required to discuss some of the more sensitive issues within our relationship. Not only that but you helped us realize that other couples face the same issues as well – how refreshing was that to know we weren’t the one ones!  I would highly recommend your workshops to couples on any stage – long-term, short-term and anything in-between.” Carolyne

Enter your email to download the Free Personal Life Inventory exercise to start you thinking about what is important.   At Ignite Retreats, our passion is to promote the exercise of getting two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together, in an environment that invokes peace and without distractions so they can work on building a phenomenal relationship.

If you are looking for a little help getting started, consider one of our workshops where you’ll be introduced to a selection of evaluation exercises and some key cognitive processes that will change the way you think about your partner and yourself. Want to learn more?  Schedule a free pre-consultation call to see if the program will meet your needs.

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