Ignite Your Life

A Message from your Facilitators

At Ignite Associates our work with you and these programs is the result of us following our passion in helping others achieve their potential, in their lives and their relationships.  We do this by hosting Couples Retreats and providing Personal Performance Coaching.

As parents of 3 beautiful daughters, we want nothing more for them then to experience ridiculous amounts of happiness.  Our retreats have been designed with this as our inspiration.  As individuals, we have found an immense power in the practice of living on purpose with the idea that once you’ve discovered your life’s purpose, the power is within you to achieve it.  This is the inspiration of our coaching programs.

We would be thrilled to work alongside you to fulfill these inspirations and witness you achieve.

Our Approach:  This is our passion job, not the way we make our living, so we take a very select approach to our coaching engagements.  We only host 4 retreats per year with a maximum of 4 couples per retreat so that the experience stays personal and highly engaging.   We customize each session and each retreat to the individuals involved, and that’s why we do pre-retreat interviews with each participant.

Unique Perspectives:  As co-facilitators, you’ll benefit from the experience and styles of two very different people.  Based on the pre-interview, we match personality types to make personal coaching matches that are most aligned.  You receive the male and the female versions, and the Maurice and Tracy versions, which can be different and equally enlightening.  You’ll notice quickly that we are extremely down to earth and REAL people.  In fact, “REAL” is part of our families’ values, something that we will share will you and help you create for your own.  You can learn more about us here.


We look forward to meeting you and helping do everything we can to guide you in the direction you’ve always meant to be.