Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching sessions will provide you with time to get clear about what you want in your life and to develop a plan to get there. When your own excuses and inner critic is getting in your way, a coach can guide you through a process to get a new perspective.


Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching sessions will give you and your partner an opportunity to learn about each other’s individual goals and desires and to build a plan to help and support each other in the life you are creating together. When you understand each other and can see your common goals, you can build a foundation strong enough to weather the storms that inevitably come in life. Try this program if you want to get more connected with your partner.


Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching sessions will give you and your business partners insight in to where your current gaps are and help you build a plan to get you to the next level. Maurice Thibodeau has been working in businesses and on businesses for over fifteen years. With experience working with multi-billion dollar companies to build partnerships and achieve financial goals, having corporate coaching sessions with Ignite Retreats will open up new opportunities for growth in your business.

“We know a lot of couples who don’t feel as connected as they once did and need help.  I can tell you that you will not be disappointed with a workshop or retreat with Ignite Associates, they will help by giving you tools to start the much needed conversations, the safe place to have them and further that by discussing our realizations and findings.

If life has your marriage going down separate paths and you need to feel as though you are one again – these workshops are for you!

You have nothing to lose and a better marriage to gain. Thank you again! “


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Did you Know that Ignite Retreats also does Custom Experiences with or without coaching? Click Here for details.