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Welcome to your Life Inventory Assessment (“LIA”).

This Life Inventory Assessment (LIA) is the first step of the Life Inventory Framework (LIF) are developed over 15-years of personal practice using best methods in the fields of self-development, psychology, mindfulness, and business.

LIA has been verified and experienced by Ph.D.’s in clinical psychology and Business Management, as well as top practitioners in Counceling, Therpay, and Life Coaching.

LIA is now published with the purpose to serve the world in helping people to gain insights towards living a life of purpose and meaning.

LIA has a head (intellectual) and heart (emotional) balance. The questions pull out your intuitive sense of how you feel about each of 13-primary life categories, while the numeric valuations provide a practical measuring system that illuminates the highest opportunities for growth and happiness.

“Never before has a tool given me as much perspective and clarity into the dimensions of my life.”
“I’m excited about this tool, because not only am I energized, but I feel like this is real, and it gives me a blueprint for acting on it.”

LIA and the LIF framework around it allow you to see your life as it is and for you to build and live that life that you desire. It presupposes that you have choices in your life and that these choices impact your outcomes.

When working with LIA, we recommend that you consider the following principles:

– Radical Acceptance (for whom you have been, who you are, and who you will become)
– Extreme Accountability (for whom you have been, who you are, and who you will become)
– Radical Truth (to whom you have been, to you are, and to who you will become)
– Infinite Choice (in who you are, how you show up, and who you will become)
– Infinite Creativity (our beautiful human capacities to create and live out our calling)
– Infinite Love (in you, to you, and for the world)
– Extreme Gratitude (for all that you are and all that you will become)

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2.Your Financial Life: means to meet your needs and desires
3.Your Work Life: occupation, career, vocation
4.Your Social Life: friends and acquaintances

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